Jar Return Program

Since Blazing Candle Company cares deeply about our environment and protecting our Planet for future generations so we work hard to seek out sustainability opportunities when ever we can. We pour all our candles in containers that are recyclable, so we developed a program to help reuse our 10oz jars.

We are proud to say that we launched reuse a jar program.


Option 1: Bring your used jars to us at a events or shows near you. Check out our Events & Show page for details on what craft show or flea market we are attending.

Option 2: Bring your used candle jars to our candle shop, located at 67 Lynn Ave, Alexandria New Hampshire. (Open by appointment, please email or call to make sure someone is around the shop)

Option 3: Are you outside the New Hampshire area? If you’re loving our candles from outside the state of New Hampshire, Options 1 & 2 probably aren’t so convenient. In that case, feel free to pop your jars in a box & ship ’em our way. Contact us for more info on the return process and how to get them shipped to us safely.  Although this option may not be worth it if only shipping one jar back.

For each jar that makes its way back to Blazing Candle Company, we will issue you a $3.00 credit to use to purchase another great candle from us either on our website or in person at any craft show or flea market we are at!